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E-Tech Galaxy is a leading supplier for wholesale laptops. We specialize in sourcing bulk laptops. Take advantage of wholesale prices through our computer reseller program.
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Streamline your sourcing efforts. Our mission is to help computer resellers quickly move laptop inventory. Only the best brands and laptop models will grow your business. We work with a wide range of average order volumes with a low minimum order size.

Consistent Low Pricing 

Your focus is on price and so is ours. Gain higher margins by selling the right laptops to the right customers at the right time. We price the best laptops at competitive prices so that you can create space to focus on growth in other areas of your computer wholesale business. Our in-house experts invest in the research and curate the best laptops that customers actually want and businesses need.


Fast and Easy Acquisition


Both the shipping and wholesale of notebooks are one package. Hassle-free shipping nationwide. Let E-Tech handle all the work to provide logistical solutions. Make an order easily through our online application or contact us directly for a free quote.




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HP Wholesale laptops

Human Progress with HP Innovation. They certainly stand out from the rest.

HP offers a wide selection of sleek and innovative laptops, desktop computers at top-notch value. Whether it’s consumer, business or gaming laptops, HP consistently earns strong reviews from consumers, including numerous Editors’ Choice Awards.


Lenovo Wholesale Laptops

Creativity and Freedom of expression from Lenovo. Buy laptops wholesale for those digital sojourners.

Although Lenovo is diverse in its portfolio of personal technology, they are most known for quality and innovation in the PC market.



Dell Wholesale Laptops

Reliable computer and data solutions from Dell. No one can beat their long-standing reputation.

Dell Technologies represents a movement of digital transformation. As a result, their hardware and data storage solutions have already changed the way enterprises, students and all consumers manage productivity. In other words, they are manufacturing and storage experts.

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Other Consumer Electronics Brands